Google+ for Nonprofits

2014 is the year of Google. While Facebook still dominates in the social network space (71% of online adults have a Facebook account), Google+ is not far behind at 50%.  

This webinar, presented by Social Marketing expert Julia Campbell, is ideal for the Google+ beginner and those interested in exploring the social network and its practical uses for nonprofits. 

In this webinar, will learn:

    • Why Google+ is so vital to be found in search

    • How to set up your Google+ page

    • How to reserve a custom URL for your nonprofit's Google+ page

    • How your nonprofit can use Google+ features, like Communities and Hangouts

    • What successful nonprofits do on Google+

    • 10 steps to getting more followers and engagement on Google+


Date of Webinar: 
02/25/2014 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm EST

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