Blogging on a Mission, with Dennis Fischman

Your cause is important, but how often do your supporters think about it? Do you have the nagging suspicion that from one quarterly newsletter to the next, they've forgotten about the issues you work on...and you? Blogging may be your solution. In this webinar, consultant Dennis Fischman, author of the Communicate! blog, will show you where to begin and how to succeed. You will learn how to pick topics that your supporters want to know more about, create an editorial calendar, and write material people will read online. Should your blog be one person's writing or can you pull together a team of contributors (while maintaining a consistent voice)? How do you incorporate stories, photos, and video? And how do you promote your blog through email, social media, and the other channels you have available? This webinar will help you deepen your relationship with your supporters while expanding your influence in the community.



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Date of Webinar: 
05/13/2014 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm EDT

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